head shot Recognizing a developing early passion for music and audio, the budding career began with producing and engineering slide shows for large group functions. With equipment and instructional oversight courtesy of Boy Scouts of America Troop 1, the complex productions included narration, music bed, sound effects and an automatic guide track.

These primary skills were honed with the symphonic band and theatre department at Duncanville High School. The interest had reached a peak and the decision to pursue formal education was made.

Finding Southwest Texas State University's Sound Recording Technology Department an interesting choice, the next four years were spent pursuing a Bachelors of Music degree with an emphasis on the technical side of capturing and manipulating sound. Courses included a traditional music curriculum along with a broadend program in a variety of areas such as recording, acoustics, computer science, calculus, and electronics.

While a student, access to a commercial recording studio operated by the school yielded many musical collaborations including the engineering and production of several full-length albums.

Graduation prompted a relocation to a larger industry base and the internship at Music Annex (now Polarity Post) in San Francisco. Clients at the studio included nationwide ad agencies such as DDB San Francisco, Young and Rubicam, and Carol H. Williams, video post production houses such as pomegranit and Lux Editorial, gaming companies such as Electronic Arts, and remote studios via ISDN patches. After serving gratis for 3 months, a position became open for a full time assistant engineer at the studio.

Duties as an employee at the studio involved preparing for and assisting with sessions (often in multiple studios simultaneously), helping with the client's and engineer's needs, and conducting recording sessions with clients. Responsibilities for teaching new assistants, maintaining and updating the facility's computer network, advancing client relationships, and developing a first-rate working knowledge of the 5 studios and machine rooms were added incrementally.

Now, with three years of professional experience under the belt, a desire to work on long form audio projects as well as to form new creative relationships, is leading to a search for new employment.